Mom boobs

Mom boobs

So we’re just going to jump on in. If you’ve read the “about me” section then you know what to expect, and if not then you’re in for some shock, awe, and humor.

I used to have great boobs.

Anyone who had seen them pre babies, or even fully clothed would tell you that; but I took them for granted. I wish a lot more people had gotten to witness them at their prime.

Since having my kiddos and choosing the crazy ride of breastfeeding, my boobs have changed greatly. I now have what I like to call my “glad bags full of soup”. Picture that if you will for a moment.

They grew so much when I was pregnant both times, and they did NOT start out small. After breastfeeding my first child, he had literally sucked the life out of me, and now again with my second, I fear at the end, they will be even worse.

They are big, don’t get me wrong, and heavy, oh my god my back fucking hurts; but its all just skin, and milk. When I am not breastfeeding they are just empty sad glad bags with no soup.

Thank god Matt isn’t a boob guy, he is all about the butt. I can do squats for the rest of my life and have a great butt, I can get a great butt without surgery, but boobs, eh not so much.

These bad boys are going to need some major reconfiguration, once I’m done breastfeeding my last child. No implants for me, as putting something foreign inside of me terrifies me (but you do you boo boo. I can appreciate wanting to make a change and having implants, they just aren’t for me). Certainly a reduction, and a lift are in order though.

I’d love to try and return them as closely as possible to their former glory.

Going from a DD to now a G/H; yup they really get that big, I’m not sure why, I mean at this point it’s just stupid. No one needs this much boob. At some point they should stop growing. They each weigh 15 lbs, yes we really weighed them. Strap on 30lbs and wear that around for a day, then you’ll understand why my back hurts, and I have marks on my shoulders where my bra straps dig into me.

So appreciate your small boobs, for those of you that have them, I am envious of you; and to our pre-baby boobs, let’s give them a moment of silence. Whether you used them well and they’ve come and gone, or you still have them *cough cough bitch*, they served us well at some point in our lives. Now for us to only fondly remember the days when we got our first training bras, and were actually able to shop in the PiNk part of Victoria’s Secret.


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