Worst mom in the world award:

Worst mom in the world award:

Recently Bryce (my 3 year old) has been mimicking EVERYTHING that I say.

From swear words (dammit) to sexual inudendos (why don’t you lick this vagina *aimed at Matt while Bryce was on his way upstairs. Man this kid has impeccable hearing) as well as empty threats to Matt when he’s annoying me (I’m going to cut you)

I swear it’s not a violent household whatsoever. It’s all in good fun. Matt will say shit to annoy me, then I say some sort of version of “I’m going to get you”, he tells me that will never happen

Rinse and repeat; it’s a bunch of laughs. Anyone who’s ever seen us verbally spar one another will tell you it’s pretty comical

What’s not so great is these adult things being mimicked by our 3 year old

Sometimes he even scolds me!

The other day after I said I was going to cut Matt; Bryce says from the other room “it’s not nice to cut people”

Like what?!?! How did you hear me mutter that, and thank goodness I’ve taught you well enough not to do that

Ugh sometimes the things he relays back can make me feel like the worst mom in the world

When he is playing and he says stuff about going to timeout, or being a “bad boy”, or getting a spanking. It literally breaks my heart

Recently I’ve decided to take a very different approach to parenting him. A softer approach. When he meets me with stubbornness and trials, I come back with love and patience

God damn it is hard though! Not loosing my shit on him is a full time fucking job

But my hard work is paying off. I’m seeing a huge change in his reactions and attitude towards things when I approach things from a kinder heart

So from one “bad mom” to another: I feel you. I’m here with you. I totally get it. Praise koffee and your choice of self care (mine recently has actually been the gym, what am I a masochist?!)


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