Breast milk donation

Breast milk donation

So here’s the thing about being a breastfeeding mother:

I’ll never know the struggles that formula moms face. I’ll never have to carry around purified water, or have formula with me at all times, or worry about the crazy cost of formula for my child, or what’s in the formula

On the flip side though:

Those mothers will never understand the constant back pain that comes with breastfeeding long term, the sore nipples, cracked and bleeding nipples, the mastitis, the clogged ducks, the hours and calories it takes to pump so that you can actually leave your baby for any period of time

Those moms will never be bitten, and pulled, and scratched on one of their bodies most sensitive parts

Those moms will never be shamed for feeding their child in public; because an over sexualized part of them isn’t being used to do so

I’m lucky, I won’t say that I’m not

I’m an over producer and so I have a ton of milk for my children and to spare

So what do I do with the extra milk? Buy another freezer? No, we don’t have extra money for that

I donate it. I donate a product that I, myself, worked hard to create with my body.

All I’ve ever asked in return is that those moms replace the milk bags that I give them

The couple of times that I’ve actually donated have left me with a very sour taste in my mouth about it though

The moms seemed completely ungrateful and in some sense put out by the need to restock my bags

I just don’t get it. They are getting free milk! If I charged for my milk, there are places that pay $1 per ounce! Each time I donate it’s 300 or more ounces! That’s a lot of money to use, hell that could pay for an extra freezer

I’m saving these moms money. They don’t have to buy formula, and they are getting something full of antibodies and defenses that formula just doesn’t have

I’m super frustrated by all of this. I wish I could donate to a hospital or a nicu directly. Somewhere that babies and moms need it and would actually be grateful

I don’t want to have to throw any of my milk out. It’s called liquid gold for a reason. It’s good for soooo many things

My son recently was complaining of his ear hurting (I thought uh oh, maybe our first ear infection) so I put some drops of breast milk in it, it stopped hurting. Same thing we’ve done with pink eye, and when anyone in our family is sick. It’s amazing stuff, and I’m thankful and grateful to have an abundance to share

To those mommas out there who rely on donated milk for their babies; I feel for you. I know you love your kiddos and you’re trying to make sure they are healthy and happy. This isn’t aimed at you. You appreciate what we go through, you care

This is aimed at the mothers who have chose not to breastfeed (literally had a mom I was donating milk to, say that when she pumped she felt violated and so she stopped and has relied on donor milk ever since!!! Like what?!) and then get free milk from other mothers. The mothers who want to save money on formula and instead get free milk

Be grateful y’all. Be appreciative. Give the mom some dang breast milk bags. Think about what you would have spent on formula and maybe give her $20 on top of the bags.

If the shoe was on the other foot, and I was receiving donor milk, you better believe I would be ridiculously grateful and bless that mother in any way that I could


2 thoughts on “Breast milk donation

  1. Breastmilk is amazing. I used it for diaper rash, pink eye, fever blisters…..

    After I stopped nursing my first son, he had a horrible rash. I reached out to a friend and got a bag of her milk to heal the rash. I wish I had some now to cure a current rash the 2 year old has. I have heard that you can empty a tube of chap stick, fill it with breastmilk and use it as a roll on for diaper rash. SO SMART!

    There are studies that suggest it could be used for cancer treatment. This is something free that we naturally make and produce that could be a cure for cancer.



    1. You’re right. It’s absolutely amazing! I’m currently in the process of trying to figure out how to make soap with it, that way I can store it, in the house and make some room in the freezer

      Oh yeah! That chapstick trick is super cool.


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