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Hi there, and welcome! I’m Krys-

Just the coolest mom in town, living one day at a time with my two littles – given strength through koffee and kuss words.  You may have noticed that I normally spell those with a K.  Well Krystyna is the full name, normally spelled with a C, so like all other normally spelled things, I decided to make them as original as my name.

You’ll expect to find some of my random thoughts about life, motherhood, breastfeeding, etc. Most stories or experiences that I share, I will tell as if I am telling them in person. So expect a lot of “squirrel” moments as I dart off on other topics, before returning to the subject at hand.  I will also share any amazin’ finds, as I’m a huge bargain hunter, and we live on a tight budget.  Anything that I find to make my life easier, I’ll also be sure to share: easy recipes, mom hacks, tips,etc.  

A little more about my family, our lives, and myself. I am a full time stay at home mom, part time nanny, and full time nursing student (fingers crossed I get in for the spring semester, all of the pre. classes are done, and I’m all applied). Matt is my man, and the father of our children, although you’ll probably see me refer to him as my husband above anything else, even though we aren’t married, yet. We’ve got the worlds best dog, Nova, he was Matt’s first born, and my bonus dog.

Matt and I’s love story is not a fairy tale, while it is very unique. Our son, Bryce, made us a family, and through him we found love, friendship, and our crazy future together. We loved it all so much that we decided to add in another kiddo to the bunch, Brooklyn.

We aren’t your typical suburban family. We love to be outdoors, though it is hard with the hellish heat of Vegas. You can find us with some of our many “toys”, out on the lake, going for a cool ride, or tearing up the desert sand. We believe that in many ways the world should be how it used to be: where kids went outside to play, we spent more time around the dinner table than in front a screen, that love, like many things, takes a lot of work, and if something is broken, you fix it.

Read everything here with a grain of sugar (since that’s what I like on the rim of my margarita and in my koffee), as well as in sarcasm.  I’m not taking life too seriously, just laughing my way through.  Join me if you need someone to laugh at, or with, whatever 😉

  • Breast milk donation

    December 10, 2019 by

    So here’s the thing about being a breastfeeding mother: I’ll never know the struggles that formula moms face. I’ll never have to carry around purified water, or have formula with me at all times, or worry about the crazy cost of formula for my child, or what’s in the formula On the flip side though:… Read more

  • Hands off

    October 3, 2019 by

    I may have resting bitch face, but I also seem to be somewhat approachable when it comes to strangers, as well as I’m fairly friendly That being said; DON’T. TOUCH. MY. KIDS. When did the greater stranger population decide that it was socially acceptable to touch another persons child without asking? Maybe you don’t mean… Read more

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