Hands off

Hands off

I may have resting bitch face, but I also seem to be somewhat approachable when it comes to strangers, as well as I’m fairly friendly

That being said; DON’T. TOUCH. MY. KIDS.

When did the greater stranger population decide that it was socially acceptable to touch another persons child without asking?

Maybe you don’t mean any harm, maybe you’re also a mother, or grandmother, or uncle. I don’t care!

All you need to do is simply ask! Most of the time the answer will be no for the baby, and the toddler can decide if he feels comfortable with that on his own. He is his own person and if he doesn’t like your vibes, you scare him, or he’s embarrassed or uncomfortable he has the right to say “no” I don’t want to be touched in any sort of way.

Now people get sooooooo offended by this. I don’t know you. I don’t know where your hands have been. I don’t know what you’ve been touching. Lay off of my kids! I’d much rather someone try and touch me than my children, but the funny thing is: no one would.

As an adult female if you touch me you know damn well I’m going to say something, as well as you could get in a whole lot of trouble for that.

The same curtesy should be given to the children of the world, and their parents.

Now aside from proper etiquette and social “rules” there is also the issue of germs.

Especially going into the “sick” season of the yeast, do not touch other people’s children!

Perhaps you’re wondering why I’ve decided to touch on this topic today?

Well, we were at the grocery store; both children and myself, and the woman behind us was talking to Bryce as a lot of people do. Well she said “you’re so handsome” and he got very shy. He clung to my leg and buried his face in my thigh.

If you know my son then you know this is very strange behavior for him. He LOVES people.

Apparently he didn’t like her though, and man oh man did she try everything to get his love. She asked for a hug, or a high five, and then a KISS! He said no to every single advance. Which I’m so proud of. I would also NEVER have let her kiss him even if he had said yes. Ew!

When we left and we’re walking to the car, I asked him “did that lady scare you”, he said “yes”. I told him what a great job he did and that he always has the right to say “no” to someone’s advances of physical affection.

Funny though, he was able to understand that she was a stranger and that her touch was unwanted. He then followed it up with “but I can’t say no to you or daddy”. I clarified that it was in regards to when we tell him to do something, etc. He can tell us no to affection too. That’s totally fine with me.

Long story short. Don’t touch kids, babies, people; that you don’t know. Talk with them. Make silly faces at them. Tell them out adorable they are. Just don’t take it any further.


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